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Always Sunday
Always Sunday,
170 High St,

Given that it was Scotland in February, it was somewhat predictable to be
greeted by snow storms and hurricanes and for our umbrella to blow away 5
minutes after leaving the house. But being of an optimistic disposition, we
embraced the mist which had descended and wrapped a shawl around our
shoulders and headed for the nearest tea room.

Always Sunday's position on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, coupled with the wood
laminate floors, Ikea style furniture and lively jovial atmosphere was reminiscent of
a regular tourist haunt, but closer examination of the food counter revealed there
wasn't a Victoria sandwich or paper doily in sight. Instead we were faced with an
assortment of fat free, gluten free, sugar free, fair-trade, ozone layer protecting,
world peace generating health food. Had it not have been for their charred,
blackened exteriors, we would have braved the apricot and walnut speciality
scones which earlier in the day would definitely have been worth a try. Instead we
eyed up two fiercely dense wholemeal fruit scones masquerading as rock cakes
which, once we'd hired a fork-lift truck to lift them, turned out to be surprisingly
light, fruity and delightfully spicy, complimented beautifully by smooth silky cream
which glided over our tongues. We also sampled a solitary apple cupcake, filled
with large apple chunks, whole almonds, hazelnuts and somewhat unusually,
whole slices of lemon. A hefty meal in itself, it was spoilt only by the synthetic
overload of vanilla frosting. Choosing what to drink was equally problematic. Tea
with milk didn't appear to be an option, and instead herbal varieties or Chai lattes
were strongly encouraged.

Whilst this eclectic range of tea time goodies certainly challenged our
assumptions, its try-hard attitude meant that something just didn't quite gel and we
didn't feel like lingering. Apart from the mellow jazzy tunes which filled the air and
the crumpled newspapers tossed casually aside, it certainly wasn't how our
Sundays are, or how we dream of them to be.

0131 622 0667
Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 9 am 6pm