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The Angel Tea Room
Most of the best tea rooms we've encountered have involved
small villages, keen eyes and a one-track mind, emergency stops
and six-point turns in the road. The Angel Tea Rooms in Mere, on
our way Glastonbury was no exception.

From the moment we walked through the door until we left, and
for several hours afterwards we felt completely relaxed and at
ease. Warm smiles, funky decor and cosy surroundings makes one
feel completely at home here - even muffin, the hound in
residence, treated us like old friends.

The shop is bright and airy and decorated with a haphazard array
of trinkets and brick-a-brack, most of which are available to buy
should the mood take you; we, for example went in for a cup of tea
and were surprised to find ourselves leaving with a necklace and a
pair of giraffe book-ends. We even sneaked a picture of their
collection of funky coloured teapots which has been the
screensaver at THQ ever since.

We ordered some extremely fresh savoury scones with homemade
chutney and a slice of some pretty fine carrot cake and wondered -
as waves of tea-time benevolence crashed over us - whether we
should become castaways here forever

The Angel Tea Room,
High Street,