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The Attic
The Attic,
115 Coldharbour Road,

Sandwiched - such as it is - amid a terrace of shops and cafes in an
otherwise unremarkable residential region of Bristol, Coldharbour Road
is an unlikely place as ever to find a tea house, and especially one of
such high calibre. A couple of previous visits to the Attic were foiled by
indiscretions of timekeeping but such is its repute we were determined
not to miss out a third time. This - as it turns out - would have been a
grievous error for its good reputation is well-founded.

At odds with its name, the Attic has adopted a high energy, modern take
on an ancient ritual - one which is brilliantly conceived, and rigorously
executed by a small cohort of passionate staff. Sitting in moulded plastic
armchairs at a marble table we scanned an impressive selection of loose
leaf tea: a fair few old friends and some exotic newcomers. On a tray
bearing an unusual assortment of saucers and glass mugs we were
provided with an egg timer to ensure perfect infusion (only the second
tea house we've come across to provide such an aid) and some striking
mechanized tea filters as well as a heart-melting array of cakes and

The Attic is an eye-opener, which raises the bar on our already high
teatime standards. What's more they offer a mail order service on their
whole range, and if you visit you'll very likely find us back there, too.

0117 909 0357
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm
Saturday - 10 am - 5 pm