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Auntie's Tea Shop
Auntie's Tea Shop,
1 St Mary's Passage,

01223 315 641
Established in 1979 and overlooking St. Mary's Church, Auntie's
is in a prime position to bestow a sumptuous afternoon tea
experience on the inhabitants of central Cambridge. Sadly, we
were to be disappointed.

Inside we found mould-green walls, carpets, and tablecloths and
a repugnant fishy smell that didn't appear to put off the thronging
clientele. Indeed, we were amazed to see that it wasn't only the
tourists that had been duped into parting with their hard earned
cash at this second rate and entirely predictable establishment.
The place swarmed with young mums, elderly couples, weary
shoppers and students, who quite frankly, should have known

We opting for lurid jam, processed cream and butter in carnets
which was overseen by a dour maitre d' and an army of
miserable, frocked and bonneted serving girls. It's normally the
case that the rapidity with which you receive the bill is inversely
proportional to the speed of service. In this case they even had
the gall to add 10% gratuity. They really could do a lot better,
and so could you, for your money.