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The Black Cat
High Street ,

The Cat wasn't our final destination, nor for that matter even a
planned detour but it fixed us with its big dark eyes and kittenly
charms as we motored our way through Gloucestershire.

The quirky café has no doubt been decorated from the many
brick-a-brack shops which line the quirky Cotswold town. A
refrigerated cabinet, till-topped and gingham-lined - normally a
harbinger for all that is the stale unimaginative about tea in this
country - advertised some seriously yummy looking freshlys at very
affordable prices and served with a smile that made us glad we'd
stopped by. We ordered scones and amused ourselves by counting
the myriad of feline icons which littered the room in a worryingly
obsessive abundance, extending to porcelain figurines on every
table and an unfortunate taste in net curtains. It wasn't all bad but
that didn't stop us from being critical. The table cloths were
plastic, the flowers were plastic and even the jam was plastic. The
Clipart menus and sachets of sugar too were in unfortunate
contrast to some of the best scones we've experienced to date,
incorporating a moist texture with explosively juicy sultanas.

01367 252273
9:30 am - 4 pm daily