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The King's Road

We saw the sign for afternoon tea and were only too glad to
escape the tedious bustle the King's Road has become before
we were recognized. As a rule we're all in favour of any tea
room with a prominent bar and such a well stocked example
was received with shopping-bag-weary relish.

There's nothing wrong with Blushes SW3, 'Cafe - Lounge Bar'
but - despite the fact we were issued with peculiar publicity
postcards - there's nothing to write home about either. The
atmosphere is quirky without being overly stylized. Gilt mirrors
and elaborate displays of foliage are somewhat at odds with
the plasticy tables and lend the place the rather schizophrenic
appearance of neither here nor thereness.

We had to ask specially for the tea menus. Sadly, it seems it's
an establishment reserved more for yuppie mothers and spoilt
society teens than the pure-blood scone-hunter. Such was
made patently obvious when a plate of unbuttered, ungarnished,
overpriced smoked salmon sandwiches arrived. Half of them
returned to the kitchen.

Tea is served from 3-6 although we wish we'd plumped straight
for cocktails. Lily suggested that we should have arrived earlier
for lunch but Amos said we should have just spent more looking
at lingerie over the road.