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We weren't overly impressed with such a flippant take on this,
our most sacred of meals. "Why go to the Ritz?" proclaimed
the marketing, when since August 2008 Cascario's has been
dishing out "luxury" afternoon tea to a smattering of
underwhelmed clientele. To be honest, with statements like
that you're setting yourselves up for a fall and from then on we
just found everything disappointing. There's the option of
charming al fresco dining but right next to a not so charming
main road. The cakes tasted like they'd been in the cabinet
all weekend and the tea was strictly Nothing To Write Home
About. By way of compensation they also do lines in syrups,
icecream, wine and light snacks which just struck us as a bit
all things to all men but nothing to anyone.

And the Ritz stretches a bit further than laminate-wood tables.