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Meet the tea-m
Meet the tea-m
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The Copper Kettle
4 King's Parade,

01223 308 448
A small cohort of young mothers and clearly over-financed, over-read students account for
the majority of custom in this abundantly popular but wholly run of the mill little cafe-cum-tea
shop. We would have thought Cambridge would be crying out for decent tea rooms. Where
do students while away their idle afternoons spent in pursuit of fruitless academia? Where
do they go, we wonder, to squander our income tax, oblivious to the stresses of real life
and inferior quality tea? Not here, surely?

Considering the demand, it surprises us that places like the Copper Kettle can't step up the
supply. We had lunch - some well presented smoked salmon contraptions served by a
flustered waitress who took two attempts to perfect the bill. The tea, when it arrived, was as
disappointing as it had been to choose from limited, tatty, lunchtime menus.

It didn't matter too much anyway, because what little solace we could find in our chipped
mugs was drowned out by a pompous and ill-informed appraisal of Freud from the 20
somethings at the table next door. We pushed our way out through a melee of chairs and
pushchairs and made, gratefully, for the door.