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98 High Street Burford,

It was a rather disgruntled pair that plodded their way along
the quaint cobbled high street of Burford; Amos was sulking
since I'd postponed our tea trip in order to buy a sumptuous
leather handbag, and I was less than pleased that he was
refusing to stop at any of the gift shops that lined our route
from car park to tea cup. Fortunately, and unusually, we found
our destination without mishap, and entered the warren of airy
rooms known as Hufkins. We were seated in the window at a
large marble topped table piled high with menus: drinks menus,
lunch menus, cake menus, tea menus, scone menus, so many
menus that it was quite impossible to read through them all.
Our eyes lit up, our faces beamed, and the promise of
homemade carrot cake and cheesy scones simply melted any
residual bitterness away.

After careful consideration and extensive deliberation (if you
are in the least bit indecisive, Hufkins menus are not for you)
we dismissed the champagne, freshly ground coffee, and hand
juiced smoothies for large pots of bagged Assam tea,
accompanied by a generous jug of milk which unfortunately,
and much to Amos's glee, was showered in the general
direction of my hair, my food and the new handbag. Sadly, the
mortified waitress didn't think to replace the cheese scone and
chutney, which if it had not have been for its damp, watery milk
jus, we suspect would have been quite tasty. That aside,
Hufkins provides good service and tasty tea time fare and we'd
certainly return if it weren't for the fear that next time we might
end up with the contents of the teapot over our heads.