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King Charles Church Coffee Shop
From the street, the lace curtains and serenity of the King Charles
church hall sanctuary pre-empted one of our most unusual
experiences so far. Old-manned and womened by a dedicated corps
of five village volunteers to raise money for an equally decrepit
roof, the King Charles has a unique style and integrity that left us
feeling like we'd enjoyed not only the sort of tea that only grandma
can make but also a little taste of England. It was genuine in every
detail: dusty old books, homemade jams, pickles and chutneys,
irregular scones and chock-size wedges chocolate cakes. Daubing
the walls are watercolours by Picasso parishioners and the tables
are set with linen cloths and cuddly bargeware pots. From what we
could establish we were the only clientele that afternoon, perhaps
all week but once we'd blown our noses and wiped our feet at the
door, were treated like royalty while our hosts chatted on about
cuts of bacon and mobility problems. A clotted cream tea set us
back a roof-raising 2.95 and being deepest Cornwall, bloody good
it was too. It's a love it or hate it setup and it shuts for siesta at 3
o'clock but for us - with its good honest Englishness and complete
lack of pretensions - it celebrated the wonderful diversity of this
most eclectic ceremony.
King Charles Church Coffee Shop,
King Charles Church,