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TO: Her Majesty the Queen
Buckingham Palace


Britain: Land of Hope and Glory. Land of fish and chips. Land of Gardener's Question time and not wanting to make a fuss. It's a wonderful thing, don't you find, to be British and to celebrate her ways and customs?

For us there is nothing which encapsulates the essence of these Isles so much as the ceremony of afternoon tea. For this reason we have embarked upon a journey to try every single tearoom in the country, and thought that you, being a lady - if you'll permit us to say it - who probably knows her Earl Greys from her Orange Pekoes, would be interested to know more.

Since starting in 2007 we have been to over 100 tea rooms; we've had tea in churches and in castles, in trains and in tree houses, we've had tea till we wept cream and sweated jam from every pore.

We would be fascinate to know, and honoured to be told, where you enjoy taking your tea. Is it in the gardens of the Palace down in London, or the drawing room of Balmoral up in Scotland, or is there some cosy tearoom you favour in between?

I remain, madame, your humble and obedient servant,

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