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The Mad Hatter
The New Forest is undoubtedly one of the greatest celebrations of
all that is picture postcard about Britain. Created by William the
Conqueror in 1079, a thousand years later the Forestry commission
fights to preserve an expanse of broadleaf woodland, heathland
and grassland where thatched roofs and tiny horses sprout out of
the ground like toadstools.

Our first stop was Lyndhurst, where drunk-looking shops and
cottages of dubious structural integrity link arms down a street
hopelessly ill-equipped to process the streams of traffic it now
attracts. Due to a somewhat predictable navigational hic-cough, it
wasn't till 5:00 that we'd finally parked the car and manoeuvred
our hungry bellies in the direction of the Mad Hatter's Tea Rooms
which looked a perfect embarkation point. But was shut. We
received a similarly chairs-on-table reception from the Café au
Chocolate and the Tea House, indeed we were to be completely
thwarted that day due to the rather sad decline in the teatime tea
time tradition.
The Mad Hatter Tea Rooms

Tel. 01451 821508

Open daily 10-6pm