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Mrs Marengo's
Mrs Marengo's,
Lexington Street,

020 7287 2544
Mrs Marengos' flamboyant display window, adorned with
sparkly crimson fairy lights, cherry-topped butterfly cakes and
shocking pink meringues was causing quite a stir amongst
passers by as we walked down Lexington Street in Soho.

We were dubious about the way it's branded (the words
"vegetarian restaurant" tends to bring Lily out in
goosebumps) but don't let the absence of smoked salmon
sandwiches put you off. Instead, embrace this nutritionist's
paradise and wash down your wedge of organic carrot cake
with a beet, apple and ginger juice, or fairtrade tea
Surprisingly for central London, Mrs Marengos didn't break
the bank and its late night opening made it the perfect
hideaway after a long day's shopping. After a few hours of
reading the papers and even Amos - who's burgundy cords
clashed hideously with the luminous acrylic bar stools - had to
concede that the place was "quite cool".