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The Orchard Tearooms
The Orchard Tearooms,
81 North Street,
West Sussex,
PO19 1LQ

From the outset it was clear that there really wasn't anything usual
about the layout of the Orchard, mainly because it consists of what
can only be reasonably described as an extraordinarily long and
exceptionally thin covered alleyway between two houses. Despite
this somewhat unconventional arrangement, we were rather a taken
back when we walked through the front door, hopped over a toaster
and landed straight in the kitchen. Once we'd navigated our way
around the hob and squeezed past various voluptuous ladies, we
found ourselves wedged alongside other entangled patrons
amongst tables covered with earnest floral plastic tablecloths,
precariously crammed on top of one another in the manner of a
school sports day obstacle course.

What seemed like days later, we unsteadily perched on two
intertwined chairs; it was fortunate we knew each other intimately.
The menu, like the floor space, was limited, but extraordinary good
value for money and for under 1 we were bought a pot of leaf tea
delivered with a cheerful smile and a 10 minute chat about painful
bunions. A scone with jam was a snip at 85p, but as we were on our
way out to dinner we opted for a lighter snack of cinnamon toast
which was sweet, buttery and crumbled delightfully in our mouths.
There's no doubt that this isn't the place to go for a top-notch high
tea, but its quirky charm and guaranteed friendly welcome makes it
somewhere well worth discovering for more than just a quick break
from the Chichester shops.
01273 327380