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The Orchard
The Orchard Tea Garden,
45-47 Mill Way,

01223 845 788
The next time you're in Cambridge be sure to drive out to The
Orchard, just five minutes away in Grantchester. Indeed, you'll be
in celebrated company for when you get there, you'll find a generic
looking, National Trust style canteen which has attracted some of
the university's finest minds since 1897. Crunching our way
through the early November morning frost, we found ourselves a
pair of deckchairs in a secluded corner amid the apple trees, and
huddled up warmly, wrapped in wax jackets and Amos' trusty (if
somewhat whiffy) Egyptian camelhair blanket.

It's a funny set up and one which we imagine works better in the
hazy, lazy summer months when the biting cold and cider-crazed
locals are replaced by the industrious buzzing of bees and the
scent of apple blossom. Still, we made the best of it and
chomped our way through a delicious range of homemade
scones and two gallons of luke warm Earl Grey before setting off
South in pursuit of sunnier climes.