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The Royal Pavilion
The Royal Pavilion,
4/5 Pavilion Buildings,

03000 290900

For what is essentially a museum café the Tearoom at the
Royal Pavilion,. Brighton came as somewhat of a pleasant
surprise. Not only do they serve up really quite tasty scones
(sweet and savoury) and put on a respectable show of jam and
cream, but from the terrace (and in the summer months) you
can admire the wonderful Eastern architecture and immaculate
gardens below.

Of course if you wish to take tea here, you do have to pay to
visit the Pavilion, which means if you’ve already been – or have
no interest in going – then this makes it an expensive cup. It
also means you’ll be jostling for shoulder space with hundreds
of camera-wielding tourists but even Amos, who is wont to act a
little grumpy when forced to trawl round historic buildings on a
Sunday afternoon, agreed that in this instance that was no

The room is lush and lavishly decorated inside in keeping with
the rest of this bizarre, sumptuous summer palace.
Unfortunately we held back with the high-scores because the
canteen style ‘service’ and tray-to-table approach detracts from
what would otherwise be a very fine afternoon’s tea.