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65 Waterside,

Natives of sleepy Ely, had they been casing the waterfront at 4
o'clock that late autumn afternoon, might have permitted a
raised eyebrow or two at the sight of a pair of flustered
tea-goers haring through the village in search of their last repast
of the day. We rounded the final corner at a brisk trot, Amos in
the lead and Lily - a few heads behind - bringing up a dignified
rear. Arriving, slightly out of breath (Amos with just a hint of
perspiration on his brow) it was clear that we were to be
rewarded for our efforts in heavy coin.

The fame of Peacocks has gone before it. From the apple-pie
cottage exterior to the homely plum-pudding welcome we
received within, it was every bit the tea-time oasis we had been
led to expect, and after our little canter earlier, felt vindicated in
doing full justice to all they had to offer.

Amos fell about devouring a couple of hearty fresh scones with
his usual gusto while Lily opted for perfectly toasted crumpets -
the butter from which is smeared in greasy fingermarks all over
the original notes - and a pot of 'Good Luck' tea, which we can
cheerfully recommend. We found it to be busy without being
crowded, warm, softly lit and tastefully decorated. The selection
of Tea is comprehensive to the point of bewilderment although
not unreasonably priced. Yes, the service was ever-so slightly 4
o'clock and we wouldn't choose lace tablecloths for our front
rooms but it's hard to find fault with hosts who have catered so
perfectly to your needs and we left, refreshed, in fine fetter,
another couple of satisfied punters.

01353 661100