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58 Broad Street,
Chipping Sodbury,
BS37 6AG

01454 313 328
After surviving what is said to be the most depressing day of the
year (the last Monday in January, apparently, for a whole host of
reasons) we felt that further protection from the perishing cold was
needed in the form of a day out and of course a cream tea… or

We tentatively ventured to Chipping Sodbury and were pleased to
find a charming yellow-brick market town with a wide, attractive
main boulevard seeping afternoon tea potential from every crevice.

After tearing Lilly away from the last of the New Years sales, we
came across Poppys - boasting a range of freshly made cakes, hot
food and a selection of fine teas. Poppys is well placed, in the
middle of Broad Street, at the pounding heart of the Chipping
Sodbury, and as such is clearly a popular haunt of a diverse array of
her natives. We surveyed the menu and peered through glass bell
jars at an extensive array of rather sturdy looking homemade cakes.
We started the ball rolling with one pot of Earl Grey and one of
Assam, which arrived promptly. The mismatching crockery lent a
quirky air, for certain, but we were less convinced by the teabags,
and further disappointed to find they both tasted identical anyway.

We both are possessed of that quintessential British hatred of
sending anything back to the kitchen in a restaurant (indeed when
travelling abroad Lily has been known to heat her own meal with a
magnifying glass rather than risk causing offence by sending it
back) but we broke the mould on this occasion as the crumpets she
ordered were nothing short of inedible. Our stammering request
was met politely and the second attempt arrived hot on the heels of
the first, and much improved.

Amos then attempted to tackle a dense and sizable wedge of
Victoria sponge - the eating of which Lily unkindly compared to the
town's infamous annual uphill half marathon, the 'Sodbury Slog' -
but even his most noble efforts were eventually in vain. Strictly in
the name of research, and not to be outdone, Lilly ordered the
cream tea to finish with. The humble scone, so often a gold
standard benchmark of an establishment's merit did not taste (we
have to say) overly fresh but it didn't detract from the fact that
Poppys is a reliable place as any to find a no frills afternoon tea.