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Meet the tea-m
Meet the tea-m
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The T Lounge
The T Lounge,
141 Ber Street,

After a dreary Saturday in Norwich, we found a comforting
solace in the scrubbed wooden floors and styled homeliness
of the T Lounge. There's a good selection of papers and
magazines to distract you all afternoon - should you so want -
and it's just far enough out of the centre to feel you've justified
a slice of slice of one of their excellent home-made cakes,
which perch on stands by the till. They do a good line in
bagels and panini which, although we didn't indulge
ourselves, seemed to be hitting the spot a steady stream of
customers. We had a nothing-special cup of tea apiece and
finally, exhausted by a day of doing nothing in particular,
made good our exit.