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Take it!
Until a few weeks ago we would have headed home if we'd found
ourselves in Cranleigh at tea time, but a broken boiler, a dozen burnt
mince pies and one elderly aunt too many, left us with little option
but reluctantly to venture into the newly opened Take it!

The magical outdoor winter wonderland scene of intricate metal
tables, daintily laced with sparking frost tempted us to brave the
elements, but the howling winds drove us inwards to the cafe area
at the back of the shop where nooks and crannies brimming with a
higgledy piggeldy assortment of delicate antique style lampshades,
chunky tables, large leather armchairs and snugly low lying squidgy
sofas provided us with a cosy retreat from the first snow fall of the
year. There we happily huddled, perusing through the glossy holiday
brochures littered about the place, momentarily replacing the post
Christmas gloom with champagne and sunshine aboard luxury
yachts, sensual massages in European spas and sightseeing in
vibrant cities.

Since we'd started to resemble stuffed turkeys with all the
trimmings, we focused our attention on the hot drinks menu. Sadly,
loose leaf tea was not an option, but the bagged Twinnings Assam
in slinky white teapots were not overly offensive and our frozen little
toes greatly appreciated the warmth it brought. As we gradually
began to thaw out, a gentle rumbling from the depths of our
stomachs demanded attention like a small child, and casting our
eyes around the small deli area, we decided it would be a travesty
to not at least sample something tasty. We opted for a slice of
moist, fruity, gooey banana cake, piled high with a cheesy cream
icing and a simply heavenly chocolate brownie which looked almost
as good as the waiter who delivered it. Three hours later we were
amazed to discover our car-parking had long since overrun but what
cost can you put on discovering the peaceful unrushed sanctuary of
a modern tea room at its best?

Take it!
High St.,