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Meet the tea-m
Meet the tea-m
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The Tea House
The Tea House,
Wright Court,
Elm Hill,

We turned Norwich upside-down looking for this quirky little
cafe-cum-teahouse but when at last we did stumble upon it
we weren't disappointed. It's tucked away in the courtyard of
what must once have been part of a much grander affair, but
the higgledy-piggeldy chaos of its surroundings by no means
detracts from this kooky little find. We liked the way that
absolutely nothing in the shop matched and the strange little
window seat we called home for half an hour.

We worked our way through a modest selection of teas and
infusions whilst admiring the menagerie of origami animals
with whom we shared the experience. When time came to
leave, we parted as slowly as we could so as to ease the
harsh transition back into the real world.