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Tea on the Green
Tea on the Green
3 Eves Corner

In the centre of the small village of Danbury by the duck pond on
the village green is a small candyfloss pink building which houses
the award winning "Tea on the Green". Despite the startling facade
and the initially surprising discovery that the pond is owned by the
National Trust (we can only presume that areas of National Interest
must be few and far between in Essex) inside is a bright and breezy
traditional tearoom, complete with fine bone china cups, the odd
dusty tea book and the usual bric-a-brac which all too often is found
lurking on a teashop window sill.

Numerous goodies were on offer: huge hunks of fresh cakes, a vast
selection of savoury treats and a fine array of loose leaf teas,
served by cuddly ladies who despite the continual arrival of new
clientele, were happy to take the weight off their feet for a moment
or two and have a chat with us. We wouldn't normally book in
advance, but rather like Harry Potter, this sugary pink delight is
wildly popular with all ages, and rightly so, and the cost of a quick
phone call was well worth preventing what would certainly have
been bitter disappointment.
01245 226616
8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday
10 am - 5 pm Saturday
11 am - 5 pm Sunday