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Meet the tea-m
Meet the tea-m
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The Almonry
The Almonry,
High Street,

Mon - Sat: 9:00-17:00
Sun: 11:00-17:00

We arrived at the Almonry at the foot of Ely Cathedral to
discover swarms of staff members who loomed around
cleaning, polishing, brushing, wiping and sweeping in a
seemingly compulsive manner, and a pristine stainless steel
counter which was not only completely devoid of goodies, but
also gleaming in a way that suggested that it hadn't seen a
cake crumb in at least a week. Meanwhile, the chef sat at the
table next door discussing the local teen pregnancy gossip
and wedding invitation designs with a local gang of fashion
conscious teens.

Very odd.

Despite that fact that it was only 4 pm, we'd have been
forgiven for thinking that the Almonry was closed for the day,
were it not for the hoards of patrons eagerly munching away on
freshly baked scones and cakes. Somewhat bewildered, we
settled ourselves in the tearoom area of the Almonry, and to
our astonishment within a matter of minutes a set of teacakes
and a large white pot of breakfast tea appeared, apparently,
from absolutely nowhere. To this day, we've no idea how they
got there, for it certainly wasn't via the sanitation obsessed
staff, but to our wonder and disbelief they were real and tasted
really quite good.