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Meet the tea-m
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The River Tea Rooms
The River Tea Rooms,
Bridge Street,
St Ives,
PE27 5EG

01480 464 921
Monday-Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-4
The Great Ouse laps up against the ancient stone walls of the
River Tea Rooms, in the beautiful market town of St. Ives. Inside,
the dark beamed rooms are full of nooks and crannies. There's
a motley assortment of cutesy tea paraphernalia, and the tables
are adorned with floral vinyl and sugar sachets in syrupy
patterned teacups.

We were greeted by a disgruntled adolescent (even he was
catwalking a floral number) and the mouth watering smell of
toasted teacakes. Amos - having walked into a glass door,
knocked over a chair and spilt the contents of my handbag over
the carpet - made a greedy beeline for some freshly made
lemon drizzle cakes which I had to pay for as he went outside to
shake crumbs off his new corduroys.