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Thornbury Castle
They've gone to town here to make the experience as opulent as
possible without over hamming it and damn nearly achieve it. Rich
hanging tapestries, plush armchairs, dark wood and log fire set the
scene and suggest that everything's as it should be in a world you
belong in, you see first of all it is really a castle and what's more,
it's got form. There's an unsettlingly exclusive looking drive and
valet parking (which isn't recommend unless you drive that sort of
car and certainly not one which is as temperamental as ours in cold
weather). From the suit of armour who meets you on your way in to
the discreet way your bill is settled at the end the Thornbury
provides a warmly indulgent spot to take your time over tea.

Thornbury Castle,
Castle Street,
BS35 1HH

01454 281182
3 pm - 4:45 pm daily