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Tiptree Jam Factory
The Tiptree Jam Factory,
Wilkin & Sons Limited,

Mr. Wilkins (and some of his Sons) have been jamming away in the
1000 or so acres surrounding the village of Tiptree, churning out
colossal quantities of the sticky stuff for almost 300 years.

We were confident, consequently, that the coffee shop at the Tiptree
Jam Factory would produce a spectacular 5 o'clock indulgence, so
were systematically disenchanted when we arrived at a building with
insipid character, devoid of any trace of customary tea time charm.
Fortunately, for us the sun decided to come out to play so instead of
settling in the somewhat sterile indoor cafeteria, we were lucky
enough to get the choice seats, outside at a wooden picnic table
overlooking the car park where we had a front row view of the
tourists rolling in by the 4x4 full.

Our spirits were partially raised by the provision of a healthy
selection of teas, and we happily munched on mammoth fresh
scones, still warm from the oven, with gooey cream and (of course)
two jars of Tiptree's finest. Nevertheless, we were indubitably
dismayed by the atmosphere; after all if Britain's most famous jam
factory produces a "traditional English tea room" that resembles a
school canteen, you can't really hold out much hope, can you?

01621 814524
10 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday
11 am - 5 pm Sunday