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Turnbulls is a bustling delicatessen, and its prominent position on
the High Street, gay yellow facade and alluring window display
caught our attention as we drove though the old market town of
Shaftsbury. We now want to move there.
They sell bottles and jars in shapes and sizes you probably never
dreamed of and the emphasis is on locally sourced for the ethically
minded and exotically named for the adventurous. Priding
ourselves on being both we delighted in the home made chutneys,
sweet relishes and odd rooty things in terracotta pots. There's also
a particularly well-stocked cheese counter promising such wafty
delights as Wigmore ewe's brie and Dorset Blue Vinney, and bread
in wicker baskets on the scrubbed wooden floor.
As an afterthought they've put out a few wooden tables and chairs
which proves a very popular meeting place for the Shaftsbury
natives. Flustered staff took our order - unsurprisingly there's a
constant stream of richly deserved business - of locally smoked
trout sandwiches on brown bread fingers, and although our
appetite had been dulled by a day's intensive research we still
squabbled over the last one.
Tea arrived in sturdy china cups and, due to a combination of poor
handwriting and messy eating what we seem to have described in
our notes as, a "diva electric" tea pot. What this was meant to say
we will perhaps never know but we're very tempted to nip back
there one weekend on the pretext of finding out (and take the
opportunity to stock up on Shropshire Blue).
9 High Street

01747 858575
9 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday