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The Tutti Pole
The Tutti Pole,
3 High Street,
RG17 0DN
It took us a while to find the Tutti Pole, it's hidden away under the
bridge by the river in Hungerford, and although it's an anomaly
among the gift shops and brick-a-back antique stores, its exterior
is cleverly disguised with a collection of old crockery piled high in
the window. In fact, had it not have been for an overly aggressive
fleet of ducks which chased us in its general direction, I suspect,
given our navigation skills, that we may never have found it at all.

Inside the decor resembled that of a 1920's care home, with the
clientele to match. The atmosphere was buzzing! It crawled with
septuagenarians with broken hearing aids discussing loudly the
impossibilities of opening jam jars and the difficulties caused by
the milk man's retirement. Conversation momentarily stopped as
we crossed the threshold - no doubt our apparent unaided mobility
aroused suspicion - but once we'd sat down at one of the many
large round tables (set for six) the nitter natter started back up
again and the familiar click-click of knitting needles filled the air.
We ordered in double quick time and soon enough were solemnly
served a pot of Earl Grey tea in a pretty hand painted pot, along
with a disturbingly sweet egg and cress sandwich made with rather
unappetising dyed brown bread. Sadly, the Tutti Pole did only
marginally better when it came to sweet treats and the mediocre
array of cakes in the refrigerator cabinet did little to tantalise our
taste buds. The portion sizes are at least generous, but we were
more than grateful for the smothering of butter cream to wash
down the fearsome chunk of dehydrated lemon drizzle cake.

Ideal if you've been searching high and wide to discover the
historical meaning of the phrase "Tutti Pole", or you want to take
your Grandmother out for lunch to somewhere she'll feel at home.

01488 682515
9 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday,
9 am - 6 pm Saturday,
10 am - 6 pm Sunday