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The Two Frogs
The Two Frogs,
19 Church Street Tetbury,

It was propitious to be greeted by the smell of fresh scones at the
door. We ordered in double time and they were still warm to the
touch when they arrived, even if our waitress was, for some
reason, a little frosty. We thought it fair game to share a tea -
after all it was our 7th of the day - and for the princely sum of £6
received a Wiltshire ham sandwich on springy brown bread, scone
and pot of gunpowder graciously set for two. The tea was firm with
a musky green-brown finish which gave the powerful English
mustard a run for its money and made us beneficent towards the
otherwise unremarkable jam and cream double act. The duck-egg
walls are plainly decorated with inoffensive prints in rustic frames
and clash with the pine furniture and blood-red carpets, giving the
place an institutional look that it doesn't deserve without
complimenting the otherwise charming ménage they run. We'd
highly recommend it were it not for the early closing time and the
abundance of very serious competition in the area.
01666 503696
9 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday,
10 am - 5 pm Sunday