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The Old Town Hall Tea Rooms
The Old Town Hall Tea Rooms,
27 High Street,
Wootton Bassett,

It will come as little surprise that the tearooms are indeed located
at the site of the old Town Hall, a dark beamed building with a
formidable dark oak doorway nestled on the main shopping street
in Wooten Bassett. Inside we had the choice of sitting at the
counter amongst the hustle and bustle of the local oldies, or in a
quieter more secluded room slightly below ground level putting as
at approximately the knee height of the local church carol singers
on the street outside. Despite being the best of pals with all of the
other clientele, the staff were friendly and accommodating and
were more than happy to produce all manner of sweet and savoury
delights both from on and off the menu, as well as pressing goody
bags into our hands to take home for dinner. You won't find real
lace curtains here, the whisked cream is a clot free zone, the tea
comes in bags, and even the cat is laminated, but it's the place to
be if like us, you've got a soft spot for cheeky green teapots, the
choice of 10 different types of cake, generous portions, and
fabulous mustard, all at a price that won't break the bank.

01793 854507

Monday - Saturday 8am - 4pm